Already so much better ~

Be Amazed .... Be Amazed people .... This is how the first Mac OSX (code name Cheetah) looks like when it first lauched back in 2001, and that's when Windows have their XP (code name Xtra Problem) launched in the same year.

But I guess you guys should be seing this screen more than anything else ?The Window's well-know Blue Screen Of Dead.

Or perhaps this ?...

Which is good in away, that it makes no different which one you'll see. Coz at the end of the day you'lle losing data or files, or digital pictures, or digital music, or digital movies , or digital this and digital that ........ Well, pray hard loh, that's the only thing you can do ~


  1. Emily said...
    Ah Tak so stereotype against Windows >_> Mine never gave me any problems before, never even seen the blue screen of death or hang or jam.
    AhTak said...

    Lucky you le ... I almost got to format my PC every month and the worst part.... Wait for the AntiVirus to scan forever before I can use my computer.... Haih...

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