It's been so long ...

For what I did, I felt guilty and I felt sorry,
Things happend between us, around us,
You were always there to cheer and care,
No one have never ever touched my heart,
it makes me feel safe and pampered.

For all we've been together,I never knew.
You have been the biggest part in my life.

I thought i have already found the love of my life,
I thought of showing you the wedding ring,
I thought i was ready,
yet I am not.

Work, get home,cook for you, have dinner together,
watch some tv shows, chit-chat abit,get to sleep.
when I woke up and breakfast are ready.
nothing more could I ask for.

Datings on weekends,share some time together,
Looking at the way you smile to me.
I should have show you the ring then,
I know you're gonna say 'Yes'.

I thought come here with you are stupid,
something I don't think I will ever do.
But I am here coz of you.
I wished to share more time with you,
I wished to be the one you want to be with,
I wished to shopping with you,
I wished to go Genting with you.
I wished ... to show you I really care.

Now I think everything have changed,
which changes me too.

I don't feel like calling you anymore,
I dun want to make things worse,
Don't want to ruin your new life,
Don't want to waste you're time.

Am glad to see new faces around you,
hope someone better will come along your life.

For so many nights I felt tears when i think of you,
For so many time I wanted to call to let you know,
For so many songs that will remind me of you,
For so much love we seen within,
For so much tears in me,
when you said the last Good Bye.


  1. Anonymous said...
    AhTak said...

    Let's wish everyone in the world ~~~
    AhTak said...
    HHmm... was look at some old blogs of mine .... found out..

    YOU MUST BE 星星 !!!
    Anonymous said...

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