Heard in the shop ...

Accidently heard this conversation between a pair of Father & Son..

Son: They are selling iPod sokcs, RM199 for six
Dad: RM199/6=RM30 over riggit ?! Siao ah ? RM30 for a sock ?!


And when I look at the Mother... Her DIAMOND on the DIAMOND Ring is no smaller than any peanuts you see in nasi lemak!
OMG! Siao ah ?!!? RM10K for a piece of rock ???


  1. Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    hey...u may not know if the diamonds are genuine in the first place...the bigger the diamond is doesnt mean that it cost a lot u knw...it also depends on the clarity and the cut ; )
    AhTak said...
    izzit ?.. hhmmm.. that I rellay dunno.. hehehe

    I thought the bigger Diamond mean your husband more rich, no ??? hehehe

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