Saw FireFox have released their latest version FireFox3, so fast fast download lah ~ Coz I always wanted to use browsers other than Safari, which so far I haven't seen anything better yet.

Did a quick look at surfed a few Blogs and sites. So far so good, the speed are as fast as FireFox claimed. The rendering and Image Loading/Display are split second faster than Safari, but please bare in mind that I have FiberOptic connection in the office. So if you guys out there are using Streamyx/Maxis Broadband, I don't think you'll notice anything different. Coz the slowness on surfing the net are mostly caused by slow internet connection from our local internet service provider, so no matter what browser you use and you'll still get slow browsing.

Anyway ...

After a quick test with the FireFox, I found out that :

1. I cant use the 3 Finger-Scroll for page navigation.
2. I cant use Ctrl+Arrow to jump between Tabs.
3. I cant use drag and drop on file uploading
4. The interface are still not my liking.
5. It's still very the Windows

I will stick to Safari ...

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I haven't download mine !! Still can download ka?

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