Singapore Prelude

So how ? Tomolo is going to SIngapore liao and I am still here blogging...Infact I will be on the bus another 5 hours from now...

Nothing much to worry about that I told myself, since

.I have Google Earth in my MBP
. Singapore MRT Map printed.
. Bus Ticket confirmation Pirnted
. Passport Readied 2 months ago
. Hotel Reservation by client printed out
. Camera Gears Checked
. 2 DVD sleeved for the Client's slideshow
. iPod and PSP fully charged and loaded with entertainments
. Exchanged Singapore Dollar ( Why Ringgit so the small now ah ? )
. HardDrive space free to store and process the job's picture in Singpore
. Name Card printed
. Fully loaded Malrboro ( Heard I can only bring 19 sticks pass the Custom )

What else ah ???

Now my most worry is to find a place to smoke in Singapore...


  1. lurker said...
    have a good trip! Today conquer Singapore, tmw the world! Muahaha!
    seefei said...
    dont be charmed by the sg gals and forget to board your home-bound bus!!
    The Miserable said...
    Dude, do call me up for basketball outing!! I hope I can join if I don't go outstation. :D
    AhTak said...
    Thanks dude !!! The world ??????? HAHHAHAHAHA

    Thanks for the company in SG !!! Will see you again soon .... kekekekekeke ** I forgot to take the StarBucks orange juice !!!

    You sure or not ?!?!?!? Everyday also busy ... kekekeke. Maybe next Wednesday night, this week alot of pictures to edit .......

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