eehh..... I not sure ....

What will you think if you get " eehh.. I not sure " In a computer shop ???

Cineleisure ground floor, IT HYPERSTORE. I was looking at the few Viewsonic and Samsung LCD that they are displaying on the shelf. Looking and looking, I've been standing there with cash in my pocket wanted to Buy and Run, but after 15mins no one even bother come forward for a " Hi, can I help ?" Then I saw a bunch of staffs gathering around chit chit by the counter, so I also paiseh paiseh go and asked for some information for the LCD that I wanted to buy.

Me: Hi, you have flyer/brochures for the ViewSonic ?
Staff: Sorry, we don't have any.
Me: Then do you know anything about the ViewSonic 19" LCD ?
Staff: eh .... I not so sure ...
Me: Then is anyone here know anything about that LCD ?
Staff:Eh, wait ah, I go look for supervisor.

Then the staff walk to the other end of the store and bring along a chinese guy, one that look like any technician you can get in LowYat, T-Shirt+Jeans+Bunch of dunno what hanging on the neck. Let's call him LYG.

LYG: Yes ?
Me: What's the Highest resolution that LCD can go ?
LYG: 1280. ( Can feel he is damm sure about that ).
Me: huh ? 1280 ? My 17" Samsung in the office also higher wow.
LYG: It's 1280, but that depends on the Display card also, if your display card good then can higher.
Me: ... I know that ofcoz, that's why I ask what is the " Highest" resolution.
LYG: That depends on the Graphic Card.
Me: (Feel abit pissed off liao .. ) What if I attach to a Macbook Pro ?
LYG: (Looks confused) Eh ... I think laptop mostly 1280 also.
Me: My Mabook Pro can go as high as 2560 by 1600 if the LCD can support.
LYG: Oh really ????!!!! Soory ah, I go check the spec for you .

So the guy confirmed the highest resolution for the ViewSonic VX1940W is 1680 x 1050, which is the Highest among the 19" LCD available on the market. So after some DVI/VGA explaining to the " Technician " when I wanted to test the screen and viewing a few of my pictures on the LCD. Good, I want to take it ! But then ...

LYG: Sorry ah, this unit ( Display unit ) is the last one we have.
Me: Hah !!?!?!?! Then how ???!!! Issit any cheaper if I take this unit ( the display unit )
LYG: No. Same Price ....
Me: Ok then, thanks for you help...

Then I walk out the place damm pissed coz they wasted so much of my time because they don't even know what they are selling and totally no idea of what they are talking !!! Damm ... What is this ??? Computer Hi Tech Store but you go and hire some moron who don't even know what is Computer ??? WTF ... If you want to save cost on the Knowledgeable Staff then I may understand, but at least put some flyers beside the Products so the customer can look for all the information they want from the flyer rather than waiting like so hai for those stupid staffs for seach for information right ????

Anyway. Cineleisure/The Curve will not be the place if you want to buy any Computer related things. Hell no ... Maybe IT Planet in Ikano for some Mac stuffs, but not Cineleisure or The Curve.


  1. seefei said...
    bad service hah? must be damn frust but i concur with you that curve/CL is not a good place to buy tech things
    seefei said...
    see lah. no leng lui no comment muahahah!!
    AhTak said...
    Not even viewers !!! HAHAHAHAHA
    L B said...
    Happy Birthday, Ah Takkkkkkkkk!!!!
    国源 said...
    wahhah..happy birthday~
    AhTak said...
    LB, 饿鬼:

    Thanks !!! But this year no cake, no present, no celebration, and got to work summore ..... :(

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