Xmas 2007 Party !!!

Thanks to all the friends for attending the warm Xmas party 2007. Thanks Kenney for avenue, thanks Lei and Wah Chai for the cookings ( too bad I don't cook with Fly pan, else I can help ), thanks Hon Zhai for coming, and finally thanks the women for eating,thanks AhTak for the pictures and lame jokes and thanks Ah Lei again for the camera.

Merry Xmas 2007 ~ May all the best of the best best come to all of you guys in 2008 !


  1. Ms One Boobie said...
    Nice gathering i see.. :)
    Anonymous said...
    "thanks the women for eating"...muahahhaahha...can't wait for the steamboat session~~hohoho..
    国源 said...
    kakaka..merry christmas~

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