Was in Lake Garden with a few fellow photographers for an outing last week. And you know what ? That place is damm boring or in chinese SiBeh boring.... walk walk talk talk and didnt actually have much nice pictures taken. Anyway, I won't call this an update if it's without any picture ler ~ hehehehe. Come come ~ please enjoy the pictures ~~

Start with some Water Lilly/Lotus. Who can tell me what's the difference between them ?

We reached Lake Garden about ... 9AM, then start taking pictures while chatting with other guys about which lens is good, which lens no good, focusing speed, aperture size, all the stuffs lah, infact I think I spent more time talking than taking picture, hahahahahaha,

Then come across the little fella....

"Man down !!! Man down !!! Calling for backup !! Mayday ! Mayday !!"

"How can he die just like that ?!?! ...... He still owe me RM20 man ...."

"What lah you.... cannot see my teeth so sharp ah ?! F*ck Off lah ~ see see seee ..."

Can tell how bored my life is ? ... Try to make myself happy everyday, and lame jokes does helps..

My fav picture from the outing:


  1. 742 said...
    The last pic... what is the original picture? Real nice indeed.
    Anonymous said...
    wat lens r u using? nice picx!
    c a r c a r said...

    i see great great improvement in yr skill ah tak!

    btw, another wedding shoot in sg nex yr, keen? june 08.

    let me know.
    AhTak said...
    Was a water fountain in Lake Garden.

    A lousy RM650 lens that I'm using ~

    Thanks ~~~ Ofcoz I am interested ~ we talk about it monday in MSN lah ~
    Anonymous said...
    wah lousy lens but good (skill) picx..
    i oso wanna get one~!!
    u using nikon or canon?
    mind tell the lens model?
    AhTak said...
    The lens I am using is Tamron one, got it RM650, but my friend say the lens hard to find liao. Maybe you can go for Sigma, slightly more expensive.
    Ms One Boobie said...
    Awesome pictures..!! Ah Tak..!
    AhTak said...
    Thanks ~~~ Still want to improve ~ !!!

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