It's ON NOW !!!!

After months of scratching head and bottomless coffee ...

Now you can help me promote abit lah, let you friends know that AhTak have Wedding Photography Services, lots of thanks and appreciation ~

Visit my Porfolio Site

Visit my Porfolio Site,


  1. JAC said...
    hooray~~~~"clap clap clap clap"
    742 said...
    Wokey... Help you spread the news~!
    ahtak said...
    hohohoh ~~~~ Yeah Yeah ~~~

    Wei ~~ Thanks for that ~
    JoMel said...
    Tak, congrats!! I love love love the tagline... so apt. :)
    AhTak said...
    Wei Wei Wei ~~ Thanks ~ hehehehe. Now got to work harder liao ~ Now you can help me promote abit liao ?~ hehehe
    MamaBoK said...
    Wow..!! congrats..!!
    AhTak said...
    yeah ~~ Happy HAppy ~~~~ Finally ~

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