Wow, back to office after a hectic and satisfied weekend. What have I done over the weekend ?

Friday: 7/12/2007,
Took half a day leave to clean up my camera CCD after I beh tahan the dust that stucked on it and even some of NePok's hair were found. Meet up with friends to YamCha in The Curve while waiting for the night event to begin.

Actually I was there waiting for the Triumph Fashion Show one, and I didnt know it start at 10:05PM only when I saw the Schedule .... haih ... should have sleep at home first the come at 9PM or later ..... But quite fun also lah, got the chance to practice and test the new lens. Really satisfied with the new lens that I've got weeks ago.

And Hi-Light of the night... I didn't remember there was as many photographers around till the Fashion Show starts. HHmm ..

If you can notice that my shoots are so tight and near the girls, why ? Coz I'm almost shooting in a Sardine Tin, you won't believe how these people reacts when they see Leng luis. Really having hard time trying to squeeze in and take pictures. Not that I want to LanC lah, but I really wonder how's the CameraPhone and PnS PHOTOGRAHERS's picture came out. If your cameraphone are as good, meaning the Canon and Nikon SLR can just tapao and go back kampung? Why dun you just leave out the space for the photographers, and see the pictures on the Newspapers lah, forums lah, blog lah ~ Rather than wasting your time on some BLACK and BLUR images ? Do I make sense on this ? You are wasting you own sweet time, people's chance and space, and get alot of people laughing at you at the back if you care enuff to notice.

The night was not finish until finish Supper/TT with the guys at McD Center Point BU @ 4AM, yes.. 4AM. Then get home and charge everything for the shoot on the following day.

Friday: 8/12/2007,
Woke up at 7:30AM and prepare myself for the Zoo. 4th time in 3 years, not sure if I got any better compare to the previous shoots. This time with a few members from Photokaki.com , and had so much fun shooting and talking crap in the Zoo ~ hahaha

So what you guys think ?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Oooh no....very disappointed wif the show....triumph fashion show shouldnt b like tis wat.....kakakakka....must b "some ppl" not allowed tis la...tat la....lingerie show doesnt looks like lingerie show....jux look like a normal catwalk...swt...sigh...

    rainbow angeles said...
    Hou leng! My fav is the tiger & its reflection :)
    AhTak said...
    Yaler, kind of disappointed and expected. What to do ? Lucky there's still fashion show to shoot ler, shoot fast before the banned everything ~

    Thanks wow ~~~ Lucky ler, hard to see tiger in the zoo swimming, so fast fast take ~
    Sandy Tan said...
    very nice... i'm glas u found ur style & im glad i found u for my wedding photoshoot ^__^ exciting... ~
    AhTak said...
    Now I can wait to get more gears and be in SG .. hehe..... yah hor, passport ler ?! Havent got 1 ler ~
    sengkor said...
    the tiger and lion pics are nice..

    well done. i give A+.
    Anonymous said...
    i agree with u. i really hope i can kick the butt of those "hp photographers", kacau saja... i also remember the days i was using crappy PnS to shoot fashion show. i bet many photographers want to kick me then. :-P Happy belated New Year!

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