Take a look at the hot weather outside, then imagine the 4º icy cool beer waiting in the fridge for tonight's party.... Yeah !!!

TaPao the bad things, the sad things, the awful, the disgusting, the ugly, the disappointments, the cheebye, the sohai, the tears, the ex boyfriend/ex girlfriend, the overnight pizza, the me, the you ....... Let it go with a sound and be buried deep into your mind as an expensive lesson you've paid and attended.

Welcome 2008 ! Hope for the Best of the Best and may all be Happy Happy ~! And please do call me if you can't finish your beer, AhTak can settle that for you ~

Happy New Year to all of you from ahtak.blogspot.com and le-moments.com.


  1. L B said...
    Come finish my beer, Mr Ah Tak!

    Happy New Year, Happy 2008, Happy Lormaikai, Happy Roast Duck, and specially, Happy Starbucks!
    Winn said...
    selamat tahun baruuuuuuuuu
    国源 said...
    xin nian kuai le~~~
    Cocka Doodle said...
    Happy 2008, Ah Tak!

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