Why Liddat ?!?!

Saw this in YouTube...

Hope a great weekend ahead. Will be playing Badminton tomorrow in Sri Petalling.


  1. Anonymous said...
    so cute la the 樱太郎... Hahahahaha ~h
    国源 said...
    i think ahtak do that also when he was young..haha..!
    Anonymous said...
    Oh.. oh.. malu lah..!! but for lil' boys.. they roll on the floor.. when rejected eh../? hhahaha!
    AhTak said...
    Yawow ~ Cant stop laughing when i saw that clip ~

    Wah, LanC change nickname wow ~ But I think MaxKY more cool ler ~ Last time i did that ler, for toys, not for girls , hehehehe

    Protest mah ~ Roll on the floor when rejected sure get what they want ~ That's if they make their parents embarrass enuff ~ hahahahah !!!

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