Bike? Best lah !!!

I was almost late to work yesterday I heard a conversation between malay lady and a malay uncle:::

Lady: Eh! Tadi call masih kat rumah, laju awak sampai?!
Uncle: Aiseh...Naik motor dik, tade jam, tade traffic, lampu merah jalan aje ~
Lady: OOhh.....

For those who dun know malay: The lady was asking:" You were fast, called you just now you were still at home ?" and the Uncle replied:" I ride on bike, so no traffic jam and no traffic light. Just go straight even it's red light" ... OMG !!! Can you believe that ???!??!?! It's actually no surprise seeing all those motorbikers driving like monkey swinging in the forest. Meaning no traffic light can stop them, then can ride thier bikes in whatever direction they like, park their bikes whever they like ( on pedestrian walk, CarPark without paying), ride in the middle of the road on 30KMH and block everyone behind them, overtaking during traffic jam without signals and always think that bikes are harder than car.

I used to feel bad when i saw motorbike accidents on news, but not anymore after knowing how the Mat Rempits ride their bikes. If they don't appreciate thier own life, why should we ? If they like to ride like monkey on the road, why should we tolerate and let them own the road? Didnt we(car owners) pay more roadtax and insurance than them ? They don't even have to pay toll le ~ Riding a cheap biki, pay less roadtax and still want to lan c ? They don't deserve sympathy when accident happens, they ask for it ...


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