What happen when you are tired and work got stucked ?

I go :::

Go for a walk, take a cigarette and relex abit. From my experiance during my study, I found out, "No matter how hard you think, it just won't work, it will when it want to." So chill out lah ~Relex ~

And a great surprise when I got back office ...


  1. 国源 said... nice, work half way then have secret recipe!!
    This morning still " Si Beh" say sienz oh..
    Anonymous said... you "secret" mei you gen wo share~~~
    AhTak said...
    Sianz .... then must go make myself not Sianz... heheheheheheh.....

    Tonight we go again ok ?~ BB buy for you ~~~
    ***cinDee*** said...
    Unknown said...
    wei , confirm job liau , come spent me eat la ...
    Anonymous said...
    Wow..!! congrats..!! pay raise..??
    AhTak said...
    ***cindee*** :
    Yumm Yumm ~~ Slurp Slurp ~~~~

    Spend you ? ~ No problem ~~~ Next week go Pasar Malam lah ~ We go eat Za Ji Bai ~~~~ hehehehehhe

    Thanks ~~~ But no raise ler.... how ah ?

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