Alright ... Long time didnt see me ler, got miss me mou ? hohohohoh. Been busy lately lah ...

Few New Things/updates That I want to share with you guys, specially if you are using Mac.

A new MacBook have just put on shelf in Apple.com...

Specification for the lowest end MacBook as I think most people are more interested in the cheapest Mac how much?, also the most asked question while I am still doing sales.

New processor : 2.0Ghz Core2Duo
More RAM : 1GB
More Spare : 80GB HHD

Still hestitating if Mac are the right computer to get ? Ask May or Angel, both switched not very long ago ....

The next update was that Microsoft Office Mac Division have came out Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 0.1b (Beta) ( damm 9 long the name... ) for Mac users that have problem opening the new XML documents from Microsoft Office 2007 ( Win Version ). I am not sure if anyone using it already but it would be convenient to have the converter in your HDD, just incase your HI TECH or Very Updated friends just brought a copy from LowYat and installed...

And the last for today. Yahoo.com have just deicided to upgrade thier Mail service with an unlimited storage space, UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE AND FREE email accounts. That happened last night while early before, Google have upgraded thier Mail Storage from 1GB to 2.85GB for all accounts, and Microsoft also upgrade LiveMail and Hotmail accounts to 1GB Storage. Good move for all expect Microsoft, company so big so kaya and still stingy about storage space, ceh ~


  1. rainbow angeles said...
    Waa... thanks for 'advertising' me... I'm still a bit blur with my Mac... but I'm learning :)
    AhTak said...
    No problem ... I will share more tips here ~

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