Guys ~ My route, where I came from till where I am now.

LaHad Datu,where I'm born. God I love this place I tell you. Everything so slow one, no rush. Where we can use 1 hour to bargain for a pair of shoe, or maybe spend 2~3 hours for supper, no worries ~ Just lived here for about 5~6 years before I moved to Tawau, another district nearby ( nearby also means 2 and a half hours driving).

Yeah, then my whole family moved here. I remember started primary 1 in Tawau, SRJK Yuk Chin, if I'm not mistaken. HHmm... live in the neighbourhood they used to call in Gangster Paradise in Tawau, which I find it very wrong. All the people in the neighbourhood are the best I've ever met in my life, all the aunties and uncle, all the big brothers and big sisters treat me so good ~ But anyway, didnt live here for long, maybe till primary 2.

And there is Kota Kinabalu, capital of Sabah, which finally named as a City in year 2002, if I am not mistaken. Started my Primary 3 here in SRJK Shan Tao, a lovely school which hold alot of my sweet memories. I've won a Silver medal with other teammates in the InterSchool Basketball Tournament.
Then I join TTSS (Tshung Tsin Secondary Schoo), the most famous secondary school in Sabah, the best they claim. Well, there's a funny story before that, Is that my dad give me a chance to choose.

Dad: Son, you want expensive private chinese school, or cheap Gov malay school ?
Son: Ofcoz the expensive private chinese school !!!
Dad: Why ? (damm.... expensive private school, I knew he's gonna choose that)
Son: There got Chinese to learn mah ~ ( actually i want to join the TTSS Basketball Team)
Dad: Ok lah, go take the entry exam. ( Son can never make it lah, hehehehe)
Son: Oh.....

On the day of Result-Came-Out-Day.......
we start checking my name from the last name

Dad: Dun have ah...... Sure you got study ah ?
Son: No wow, got training mah, no time.
Dad: Wah, then no need check lah !!!
Son: See lah, maybe in the front ler, another 100 names to go mah...
Dad: I wait you in the car. ( Damm, waste petrol and money for exam only)
Son: wait.. MY NAME !! MY NAME !!! MY NAME !!!
Dad: where ?????????
Son: Neh !!! No. 60 !!! My Name !!!

NO:941403 Wong Wai Tak

Dad: No way......!!!
Son: Neh, see lah ~~ WONG WAI TAK !!!.hehehehehehe

Alot of sweet memories in KK. The biggest part of my life have been in KK. 8 years in KK gain me lots of friends, lots of sweet and sour memories. Learnt how to smoke and learnt how to drink alcohol. hahahahahaha

Then came to KL after CNY 2004, after 3 years of "When you Come ? When You Come" from all my stupid friends in KL... Haih... obviously kena cheat by them lah ~

KL ah.... Came to work loh... earn some money, which I still havent.... meet up with some friends, which are old friends from Sabah.... Blogging and watch Blog everyday..... Take pictures and stopped coz i broke my camera, still waiting for sponsor....

Later if I have time I will try to list out everthing I've done and everyone I've meet for my whole live. Please be patient, it will
take some time.


  1. L B said...
    haha, beautiful!!! I just love Google Earth too!!
    seetmui said...
    waaaa ah tak... u have been to so many places... just like albie also... if he do the same thing like you sure one whole web page also not enuff... as for me, i think just two pictures gau tim... :(
    AhTak said...
    L B:

    Yeah man ~ But Malaysia map's detail not so good, speacialy in ulu places like my hometown ~ How things can get better soon...


    L B ? I thought he already rounded the whole world, no ? hehehe. Actually I moved among towns for 6 times, and moved house 10 times....
    lisaOne said...
    a summary of ah tak life???
    no bad what- move around alot ..get to meet new experiences all the need to study but pass exam...except of course, poor D70...
    AhTak said...
    yaloh ~~ hehehe ~ met up with alot of people around here and there ~ Great experiance and memories every places I've been ...

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