Thought I wanted to eat less when I got back home... Cannot ler, my mom damm good in cooking, also my dad and myself also so good in cooking......How to eat eat less and diet ?

The vege I cook ( follow mom's instruction), the prawns I cook, the fish my dad cook, and the Pork bought from somwhere one, hehehehe.

This is an easy one... Boil the Vege, place them on a nice plate, drip some fried-onion-oil on them. Done. But sorry ah, I dun eat vege so cant comment on how good are them.

This one not so nice ler, coz i used butter instead of cheeeeeeese. Original was, nicely cut prawns wrap in Alu Foil, with some alot of garlics and cheeeeeeese. Bake for 12 mins. Done.

My Dad made this. Boil a nice amount of water. Poil in the Miso Soup Package, stir nice nice. Done.

This one buy one, not really nice....

Steamed Fish. Damm nice I tell you, even i dun eat seafood I also eat some. Cut the fish nice nice by taking out the internal organs and gills... Put on a nice plate, drip some oil on it, steam for 15 mins, then put some fried-onion on it, Gau Dim !!!

Was actually the last night when I was in Tawau. We have decided to cook and dine at home, I really dun feel like eating outside where we already have 3 great cooks at home already, hehehehe. Just my sister want to eat steack or something else outside. Well, I think coz she haven't been out long enuff and cant differenciate cooking with and without MSG. Me and my mom and my dad dun cook with MSG, healthy cooking skills we are talking about here ~


  1. lisaOne said...
    it's great that you have inherited some good cooking tips from your parents...
    AhTak said...
    2little fellas:

    and my nose-size, and my skin tone, and my handsome look, and my cooking skill ?

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