Busy ... Very busy ...

December 2008 Schedule:

: Andrew's Wedding in the Morning.
: Kenny's Company at Night.

: Reaching Singapore at 1PM.

: Eric's Wedding. Whole day.

: Andrew's Wedding Dinner.

: Photokaki 4th Anniversary gathering

: Alvin's Wedding. Whole Day.

: Xmas !!! Dinner With my Love one.

: Maybe some Model shoots.

Busy .....

Shopping list:
. 1TB HDD, getting this afternoon.
. Ikea office Table and Chair, before December.
. Nikkor 70-200VR, right after collect pending payment.
. New phone, if I have left over from payment...

Maybe a Credit Card ... Maybe ... Those things of the shelf are just toooooo tempting ... kekekeke

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  1. Unknown said...
    ahtak, nice photos man, think we meet one time at Bukit Jalil park? need to sifu like you to correct my mistake....have a nice day...need a assistance(for me it's more of a hobby now).

    tigerman (photo-kaki,malaysia)

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