Rising Sun

Picture taken when I as on the way to Sepang last Sunday, 7AM. A fun job to take as I have the chance to look at so many 'Expensive' cars and have the opportunity to have a Lap in Sepang, with a Pro racer driving an E230 Avangrade.

Ofcoz enjoyed myself while standing under the hot hot sun to document the event ... and some Panning Shoot.



  1. 国源 said...
    Fuyoh..the rising sun nice woo..
    Anonymous said...
    great rising sun photo!

    actually i have a question. do the photos of sunset and sunrise have any difference? i mean.. how can we tell from the photo, if it is a sunset or sunrise?

    i never wake up that early to find out. :-P
    AhTak said...
    Thanks !!!

    Seriously I also dunno dude. HAAHAHA. I took the shoot while I was on the way on assignment that require me to reach the destination 7AM, so... might as well lah ...

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