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Huh .... Take some time off office work and get my blog updated, enuff of people bugging me already, I am serious ...

Last week has been a hectic and rushful week for me, so rush that I think it's more than a-month-of-workload compare to my Jun~Sept schedule ... Come, let's see how rush it is ...

05.12.08 - Friday
. Andrew's Wedding Day shoot - 6AM~ 4PM.
. Japanese Food Menu shoot - 4:45PM~5:30PM.
. Kenny's company dinner shoot - 630PM~11PM.
. Get packed for next day journey to Singapore.

06.12.08 - Saturday
. Bus took off at 10AM, take rest and filtering shoots on the bus, and sleep awhile.
. Reach Singapore at 4:15PM, buy a PrePaid SingTel, call everyone .
. Meet uncle for dinner till 8PM
. Meet Eric with Chris and Sandy for final briefing on Eric's wedding program.

07.12.08 - Sunday - Eric's Big Day
. Reach Hotel and start shooting ... - 6AM ~ 2:30PM.
. Short Break in Starbucks, prepare slideshow. - till 5PM.
. Get my clips transfer to a Windows XP Laptop - Almost forever, yes, I still have Windows.
. Cocktail till Dinner ends, then supper and a few cans with Eric till Midnight.
. Reach my Uncle's place around 1:30AM, fast fast sleep liao loh ... Tired almost dying ...

08.12.08 - Monday
. Woke up 7AM, get myself to CleMenTi to meet SeeFei.
. Breakfast with SeeFei and he kindly send me to Vivo City. - 8AM ~930AM
. 10AM. On the Bus, filter and edit pictures for Andrews wedding dinner, right after I reached KL.
. 4PM. Reached 1U and spend RM9 for Taxi, just less than 10mins ride.
. 630PM. Reached Federal Hotel and start shooting till 11PM.

I really Wish Santa Claus can give me a big present for Xmas ... I have been working hard ler, and I promise I will keep it that way ... : )

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  1. seefei said...
    you schedule macam iron man test wo :-)

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