Ideal VS Rice Bowl

Had a great chat with a friend over MSN days ago, about "Shooting what we want and shooting what the clients want".

Sometimes I get compliments on pictures, but at the same time the picture might not fit other's taste ... If can be very extreme such as .. " Wow !!! Great Job AhTak !!! I love the shoot !! " or " Hmm ... the picture not nice ler, just my 2cent " ....

But ofcoz all the comments means alot to me, coz from there I know what I should keep and what I should pay extra attention to. So guys, keep my comments area filled up ~~~ !!!

PS: Had a shoot last night, enjoy ~~~

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  1. Anonymous said...
    you can try to have both. shoot one set with client's requirements, another set with your own style, or something in between... if time n environment permitted.

    if no choice, client expectation always has higher priority (if they pay). even famous movie directors and artistes have to make lousy movies sometimes, though they know the script sucks.

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