Oh ~

Oh, so busy ...
Oh, so tired ...
Oh, so filled ...
Oh, so happy ...
Oh, so can't wait already ...

Been really bust for the passed since I last update, soon will be more busy in Dec, will be going around where and there for wedding jobs and some event jobs ... wish me luck on Xmas present for myself ~


  1. lurker said...
    kahh chinnnggg!!

    $$ $$
    $$ $$
    seefei said...

    lan gui
    kau lan sian


    when coming down?
    Anonymous said...
    hullo ahtak kor.. i jz saw that kid chan's studio is hiring senior photographer.. not sure if u r interested.. but i juz cum and inform u lah.. this is the website


    pay looks good woh.. can go overseas summore :-)

    ps: i've wanted to tell u this, i've seen quite a number of 'photographers' doing wedding shots and i must say, your pics give me the most "feel".. jia you ohh!!!
    AhTak said...
    Need more for those ED lens ... kekeke

    Soon dude, 6th Dec will be in SG, but this trip gonna be a bit rush too, same like the previous one. Got to get back in KL by 8th Dec for a wedding dinner ...

    Sounds very interesting from the Link, Thanks ! Just for the moment I have something else ... maybe better, who knows ? kekekeke.

    Thanks for the compliment, will sure work harder to get and learn more ... Waiting for more shoots coming December ... kekekekke

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