D700 + SB-900 : Official

Guys, get your cash or credit card or easy payment forms ready.

Nikon Japan just launched the new Full Frame ( FX ) D700 and a new flash unit SB-900.

Selling price are USD3000 for D700 (body ony) and TBA for the SB-900 .So expensive ???? Yes. I think this can at least keep away those wannabe who go in a camera shop, buy a camera and print some name cards then call themselves pro. With a SLR is not Pro, at least holding a Pro Body like D2Xs or D3 is Pro. Eh ... I never said I am Pro did i ? kekekeke


  1. Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...
    oh yea im waiting for sb800 to turun harga ehhehe...can invest liaw haha...

    waseh pro slr...

    compare to mine...mine its totally out of the shelves...hahaha!

    but still can take good pictures...heheh...with only 6mp
    Anonymous said...
    Buy Canon la. Canon is good. Nikon no good. *trying to hypnotize Ah Tak*

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