A good news to share with you ... AhTak's Picture finally featuring at Photokaki.com frontpage.... Yay !!!!!


Link to the 1st series of pictures ...

Link to the 2nd series of pictures ... Enjoy the pictures and remember to comment yah ~ hehehehe


  1. Anonymous said...
    geng ah~ congrate~!!!
    seefei said...
    we will be able to see MORE thing if you increase the f-stop in the three shots... muahahah!
    AhTak said...
    Thanks !!!!!

    if see more things cannot post liao loh ~ hahaha
    Anonymous said...
    Oh my god is leng lui oh:)
    Yuanzikongjian said...
    Excellent work!!!

    This is the first time i notice you have your background touch up to less detailed level(correct me if i am wrong). Your photo getting more and more like magazine shot liao!

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