2008 To Get List

There are the updates for 2008 To Get List. Sponsorship are mostly welcome ...

1. D2Xs used, or D300, of D3( Should be in the DreamOn List ...)

Image from Nikon

Why a used camera you may ask. Coz the D2Xs has tough built for field shooting, I think the tough body can kill a cow ~ It's that tough. Other than the built, is the Speed. 5FPS or 8FPS at 6MP. Also the Grip/Handling/Holding of the camera are the best I've tried so far ( other than the Ultimate D3 ... ). All the above make my D70s look more like a plastic toy .....

2. 80-200 f2.8 AF-S used, or if no choice the 70-200 f2.8 VR

Image Google Search

Why I seems to like used stuffs ah ? Coz Cheap loh, and performs well where I dun really need the new features on the Newer replacement models. And the build and design of this lens is Classic I tell you, Classic ~

Before all these, I need to prepare myself and get a Ring ... you all know why right ?


  1. seefei said...

    there is a 3 yr old d2x on sale at SGD2700. check the above link
    seefei said...

    your nikon 80-200 f2.8 ED (one ring) len at SGD800. check out the above link.
    seefei said...
    sorry for kaypo asking, why you need a pro camera?

    if you are doing event and potraiture, D300 will be good enough with its speed and fast focusing. unless you are printing photo of A3 size or bigger, full frame camera is bulky and travel unfriendly. otherwise you cant tell the different.
    rainbow angeles said...
    ah tak kor.. kung hei lei... :)

    AhTak said...
    Thanks for the links ~~~ Will check them out later.

    HHmm .... Why a Pro Cam? ... Good Question.

    1. Pro Body so people are more willing to pay the "Pro fees"you are charging on them. Most of the clients nowadays might have a SLR at home and always thought " Why should I pay the guy with the same camera I have at home? I should be able to take the same quality pictures as he did what... ". So If you have a Pro Body, you may be able to make them feel abit more happy. Coz MegaPixel counts more than Picture Quality on the market now.

    2. Self Defense. In a Wedding there might be so many other photographers with SLR or Point and Shoot standing in your way. In that case, use a Pro Body and snap away at 8FPS beside their ears works better than " Excuse me .. "

    3. For the fast focusing, it's mainly for use with older lens that dun have built in motor, AF-S or SWM for Nikon, which that depends on the camera body focusing motor to drive the focusing elements, and on that, D300 are still far far behind a D3 or D2Xs.

    4. I dun mind carrying a D2Xs with a 17-55mm f2.8 and a 50mm f1.8 to go around the world. 17-55 for landscape, group pictures, street photography, portraits, then 50mm for portraits and some still life with shallow DOF perhaps. Carry a D2Xs and D70s doesn't really make that much different for me, coz the will be in the camera bag any way. If any one tell you a Point and Shoot can beat or is as good as a Pro Body+Pro lens, I think he most probably dun have a complete compare yet. Else why you think the National Geographic guys so stupid want to carry those SLR+lens that cost maybe more than 20KG rather than a less than 1 Kg Point and Shoot ?

    5. If you can borrow a 5D or D3. chuck in a 16mm or wider lens and do some landscape, you'll be surprised how come the Viewfinder suddenly become so big and so wide ~ Take the same lens and chuck into a non-full frame body and you'll need to have a least 5 steps back to get the same angle. Then take a 85 f.14 or 135 f2 and chuck into to the 5D, look at the Bokeh and tell me a non full frame can beat that ... kekekek

    Pro or Non Pro body, first is depends on the wallet ofcoz, if got the money, why not? It's like, if you have budget for a BMW 5Series, why go for a Proton Perdana ?
    AhTak said...
    rainbow angeles:
    Thanks ~~~ But no soon yet lah ~ Budgeting abit first ~ kekekekekeke
    seefei said...
    ic... you are turning semi-pro now. hope you will be the gary fong of m'sia kekekek....

    1. if your client got a bola at home, doesnt mean he is a david beckham right? but i do agree sometime equipment play a part in our branding!

    2. self defense - good reason! will ask the defence/home ministry to increase budget for tank-type camera! muahahaha!!

    3. good in-body motor & fast focussing is essential if u r doing event and for backward compatibility. fully agreed with you.

    4. if the dynamic range is small enough, the p&s cam hold its own against a dslr. however, under difficult lighting condition, a dslr is def better. you visited kenrockwell website, right? there is an article comparing a $150 with a $5000 canon 5d. read it, very interesting!

    5. actually if you are talking about taking 5 steps back to get the full angle of pic, you are talking about the cropping factor and not the resolution/quality of the sensor. so a crop sensor may not lose out to a full frame sensor. anyway, i fully agree that a full frame camera with lens at a big aperture will blow you away with its nice "bokeh".

    actually affordability and practicality must go hand in hand. for you, it is definitely a pro camera. i had seen your d70 "kid chock". very good!

    for wa, entry level dslr is ok. very paiseh to hold a pro camera that churn out shitty photographs!

    btw, whats your professional rate? i paid RM$1000 for pro photographer to take some 80-member family photos last year in awana last year. all in all we took about less than 10 shots. the photographer brought 2 strobes and an assistant with him and spend less than one hour setting up and shooting.
    国源 said...
    ahtak kor~haaha..congratz first ah~
    lurker said...
    wedding ling!
    小野 said...
    ahtak kor,

    plus oil ah, i like and i agree with the reasons that make u want buy "pro cam".

    Hahahahaha,hope u can reach your goal in a short time. Yeah. Congrat 1st.
    AhTak said...
    Wah ~~~ not yet lah, still saving money ~~~ This year punya waiting list damm long ~ kakakakak

    Dang ~~~ Dang Dang Dan ~~~ kekeke

    Thanks dude ~ Only pull back is my unhelpfull wallet, and lack of sponsorship/jobs ... hhmm...

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