Wah ! So Expensive ah !?

I duon't like to bargain in the shop, not that I'm loaded or LanC, is just that I don't want to make myself look like an auntie or become the kind of customers I always complain when I'm still doing retail. But that apply only to < RM50...

Last weekend I was in Bintang Maju, The Curve, wanted to get a SB600... So after shooting about 3~4 pictures with the flash on,

AhTak: Can you please ta pao for me, and how much is it ?
Sales : RM950
AhTak: Wow ! That's Expensive !!!
Sales : eemm .... how much you want ?
AhTak: I thought it's around RM850 ?
Sales : Best I can give is RM900.
AhTak: then you keep the Flash, I go check somewhere else.

So I make some calls and check for numbers online in It Planet, Ikano ( where I work last time ), I got a good price, RM790 from Key Color @ Mid Valley ...

So now you all now where to buy camera gears ?


  1. Anonymous said...
    In canada no need to bargain.. everything fix price.. but there are some really el cheapos lor.. still wanna bargain.. :(
    AhTak said...
    mama bok:
    hahahahah ~ Normally i dont bargain also, but this time the difference too much loh, and the guy also 'too much attitude' to show me ...

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