Apple have announced their new iPods lineup yesterday. With all new designed outlook and with a new member.

::The iPod:Touch::

Got to feel bad, really bad for those who just got their iPhones in Malaysia and still waiting for someone to hack the phone. The iPhones without the phone functions is exactly the same with iPodTouch, just alot more cheaper. Ask you to wait one ler, dun listen ...

So what's so cool about the iPodTouch?
  • Touch Screen with multi touch

  • Got WiFi, comes with Safari and YouTube installed

  • 3.5Inches Display ( Same with iPhone )

  • Not available in Malaysia yet

  • Will make your friend throw his Samsun/Sony into the sea

  • I guess these makes enuff reason for me to get one. USD299 only for the 8GB version.

    ::iPod Nano, small enough for small wallets::

    With a new designed look and added Video which was missing in the older Nano, like the one i have. So, want to watch video in your office cubical? Want to watch porn in the LRT ? Or want to watch cartoon in the classroom? Just small enuff...

    ::iPod Classic, store as much as you have::

    When I'm still selling the iPod Video 60GB, I thought it was crazy, how can any one on earth can have 60GB worth of music ? But Apple are worried, bcoz there's fast internet connect that can download a 4MB files ( MP3 files for example ) in merely 1 mins. So they come out a 160GB iPod to store your lifetime of music.

    Is there and photoshooting job can offer me ? Please let me know, you have my contact. Or I wouldn't mind if anyone can 'sponsor' a unit for


    1. Anonymous said...
      incredible.....start selling on saturday lor....damn well selling...but all my old stock been stuck...everyone come in also ask 4 d new model...charm lor...dunno how 2 clear off d old de...their different between each other is lees than 50...sighs....

      AhTak said...
      Buy new one ofcoz !!!! Who wants to get an old one of that RM50 cheaper ?! HAHAHAH
      Unknown said...
      ipod touch no 8gb , so funny one?

      the guy works in shop @ pavillion tell me they dun carry any 8gb and no ppl is buying 8gb wor ... the guy ask me to get 16gb .... siau ....

      haha no ppl buy ? i want to buy but u dun hav lo ! kakakaka

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