Say If you dunno !

Say if you dunno and dun pandai pandai go kacau people's computer !

Sometimes it's really annoying and irritating talking to people who thought they know everything in the world. My colleague in Penang have problem with her Mac, infact is the printer, she had problem printing out documents out of the printer, just suddenly. Try to help her over the phone like checking the power, cable, re-installing the printer driver, things still ddint work out, so I ask her to sent out for service. Which she later told me she will send to a guy who claim he know how to fix Mac ( he is a Windows technician ), and charge cheaper than Authorized Apple Service Center, and I am quite not happy with it coz God knows what that guy will do on the Mac...

Days passed by and my colleague called me to update me on the news. The reason why she can't print is caused by the printer, the cable is causing the problem, but she said the guy need to charge RM230 for Format & Restoring the computer ( KL charge only RM120, if you know me then RM60), another RM80 for Service Charge ( normally no charge, depends of the customer attitude ), and dunno how much yet to charge for the printer. Then I was so pissed off, I asked for the Windows Technician's phone number and called him...

I almost wanted to give him an asskick over the phone ! I am so surprised that he call himself a Technician !
. It took that guy 3 days to diagnose what's the problem.
. He formated the computer without making sure if it's the computer or printer causing problem.
. He didnt called and confirm with customer before formating.
. He didn't do backup before formating and lost all the data.
. He didn't answer my colleagues call for 2 days.
. The Mac were sent to Authorized Apple Service Center without notification and 'Ok' from my colleague.

He claim that he got to charge the RM230 becoz the Mac are not installed with Mac OS X 10.3, so he got to Format & Restore ( that's UPGRADE ! IDIOTDUMBASS !) so he can try with the Driver he claim that work ONLY with 10.3, my ass ! I told him I am the official HP Driver Download page, looking at the driver and didn't see anything that says " Work only with 10.3, please upgrade", and he kept quite. In Windows Format and Restore might be the best way to fix problem, i dunno, but definitely not on a Mac. Seems that alot of Windows Technician would have this habbit " Got problem ? Format lah ! Easy ". But what is the point of formating the computer if the printer is giving problem ? Dumbass, let me give you guys some tips if you have problem with your computer. Say you have a senarion " Can't print any document"

1. Check if the Computer and the Printers are On. ( Don't laugh, there's some people that's that stupid )
2. Change the USB cable with a know workable USB cable. ( Borrow from friend if you don't have )
3. Try to print using another printer. ( Borrow from friend if you don't have, from the guy you borrow the cable maybe )
4. Try to reinstall the Printer Driver. ( Go to you printer's website and look for ' DRIVER DOWNLOAD' )
5. Restart the computer. ( Need tips for this ? )
6. Call the printer's HelpLine. HP, Canon, Epson maybe. ( Call Windows Technician won't help, trust me )

There's more ways of doing the diagnose, but I think the above are what you should do before sending to a Service Center.


  1. Anonymous said...
    hey b u forgot to tell the world what's the idiot's name~~ kekekek
    国源 said...
    hehehe...yes yes~~ lets everyone know that so-called "Technician" mah!
    AhTak said...
    Jac , Maxx:

    " Hello ... This is John the TECHNICIAN speaking "
    Anonymous said...
    To all,

    Nowadays people getting lazy, they want to earn money with an easy way.

    People always finding short cut to meet their target or goal. This totally non acceptable and unreasonable.

    For instance, what is the first question doctor will ask you when u get sick? They will ask u like : " Apa sakit? mana Sakit? " Then you will reply : " Saya sakit demam, sakit kepala......."

    Better you become a doctor, because he/she is asking what is your pain without diagnose or asking any symptoms that you are facing. Then better i go pharmacy to get a medicine.

    Sigh....just like TECHNICIAN.....format lah.....what to do?

    Jack Lee
    Anonymous said...
    Luckily .. my PB only suggest format.. when impossible to do anything else.. ;)
    AhTak said...
    Easy money for those who can take it. Do things the easy way but not the irresponsible way loh ..

    mama bok:
    You using PB also ah ?~ What happened ?~ Should be able to do something else before format, i guess ...
    Unknown said...
    bro , u tot everyone so smart like u meh?

    kekeke dun alwis bully ppl la ~
    AhTak said...
    Not that I smart lah ... But at least I know on what I'm paid to know .... these idiots dun even know they are talking about ...

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