New Toy in the list

Just got myself an Eva-02 from Kaiyodo, finally. The toy was on my list long enuff, untill I got my salary last week. Then fast fast go buy lah ~

There's about 30 over models in the list, going to get another EVA-01, EVA-00, Operation Yashima, maybe a bad guy for the EVA listing. Then others maybe a Shin Getter .

Dunno what is EVA ?

So what's so good about action figures from the company? It's their Revoltech that's found in every joint of the action figure, that allows alot of posings. For me I want Quality of the toy (Transformer Toy's quality sucks ), nice price tag ( check the Bandai Mobile Suit ), highly posable ( meaning more picture angle ), and ofcoz have the classic Action Figures I like.


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