Just My Luck ... ?

Don't ask me how, when, where, but I just bang my car. Damm . So these few days I will have to rely on Taxi going to work and going home. Well these are what happened when you have a car but don't actually having it.


I send me car to the workshop to be fixed before going to work, and that's around 8AM when the shop were just opened and apparently I am the first customer. SO after showing the mechanic what's the damange and asked hem what is the price that I need to pay to the repair. Called a cab after everything and waiting for less that 5mins I have a taxi waiting for me infront of the shop, nice... But I am kind of surprise looking at the meter showing RM13.40 and the taxi driver tell me:" Boss RM13.40 + RM2.00 for call cab and RM2 for the toll" . WTF ??!! RM17.40 from Kota Damansara to Mon't Kiara ??? Wah lao... If that's for petrol I can travel 5 round trips from Kota Damansara to Mon't Kiara already !!! Mahai .... Nevermind ...

Then later afternoon finished work, I took a taxi to Kota Damansara again to pick up laundry before going home. I thought It would be easier if the taxi driver is nice enuff to wait for me out side while I go pick up the laundry, and yes, the taxi driver is a nice person. But the laundry is not. When I arrived they told me that my cloths are not ready yet and have to wait for half and hour. So what to do ? Takkan I take the taxi back home and come out again later, right ? So I paid the taxi driver RM13 and thanks him. So I wait ... and wait ... and wait for half and hour untill my cloths ready and called for a cab. 6.30PM.

Operator: Afternoon, what is your address and where are you going?

AhTak : I need a taxi from Palm Spring to BU12. ( and told my phone no and adress )

Operator: Let me check for you and I will call you back IN A SHORT WHILE.

So I wait ... and wait ... looking at those empty taxi passing by at the roadside. I thought I called the station so maybe i should wait for them to return the call. Well I did and waited for 20mins and beh tahan...

Operator: Afternoon, what is your address and where are you going?

AhTak : I called 20mins ago, need a taxi from Palm Spring to BU12.

Operator: Oh really ? I will check for you, please hold .

And that stupid lady hold me on the phone for over 3 mins, I forgive her for not knowing that I call using a mobile that's low batt ....

Operator: Sorry sir, no taxi.

AhTak : Huh ? Can you try to get a taxi for me ? I really need to go home.

Operator: Eehh ... I will try and call you back.

I don't want to be stupid again so I walked accross the road try to stop a taxi by the roadside, and that's another 30mins standing by the roadside with my laptop bag and laundry and in my working suit looking like a sohai. Damm .... Reached home 730PM after paying RM for the taxi. Sekian Terima Kash ... So total up I've spent RM40.40 just for going to work and going home after picking up laundry, MAHAI I really wonder how I can go with Shell for that RM40.40 ...CCB... By the way, I didnt recieve any 'Call you back' from the lady operator untill now ...


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow..! bad day eh..??!!?? nevermind.. tomorrow will be better.. :)
    Anonymous said...
    Hey! Me RM 25 oso can go KLCC from Damansara Utama!! Included 1 buck toll and 5 bucks jam additional fare. Summore take alternative longer roads becuz of jam. Ur RM 17.40 is too much MAN!
    国源 said...
    The news jz said tht will be more strict to those taxi driver,but somehow their service still as bad as last time..sometimes even worst..what to do?this is our country style, cakap kosong saja!haha..
    Anonymous said...
    that sucks man. hope u get the wheels back soon.
    AhTak said...
    Yup Yup ~~~ Tomolo will be back in Sabah !!! huhuhuh ~~~~

    YAloh, what to do ? In the future if I become kaya, I will buy all the Taxi company, and give 10% discount to all bloggers, nice ? heheheheheh

    Standard lah .... Lets pray 9 9 before so that I become kaya and buy all the Taxi company ~ hehehe...

    Thanks ~ Wheels back on road with a big hole in my wallet .... :(

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