Hi hi everyone ~ How's your weekend ? Got miss me onot ah ? HEHEHEHe... I had a great weekend ler ~ Just abit tired cause too much sleeping at home ler, but I guess I do need more rest so I can enjoy 9 9 when I go back to LD next week ... izzit next week CNY ?

OK ! Here's a restourant I want to recommend for all the Hakkan Ngin and all those like to eat hakka food. What so unique about Hakka food. Well, from what I understand is that. Hakka food are normally/mostly/usually are more heavier in flavour compare to other Chinese cuisine. Back to the shop. It's located somewhere in Kota Damansara but I forgot the exact location, but I think it wouldn't be a problem if you guys want to find it, since Kota Damansara so small. If cannot find call me lah, I will just ask for a meal ~ hehehe

I really like the food so much coz it reminds me of my mom's cooking, that I straight away call my mom after dinner. ( I am half a Hakka from my mom's side )
Canto: Nga Bou Dau Fu. Hakka: Nga Bao Tiu Fu. We have it for the first visit. TauFu are cook in the pot with some mushrooms and finely cut pork. And with an egg at the bottom that we didn't realize untill we halfed the dish, nice touch chef ~

Canto: Nan Yu Zha Yuk, Hakka: NanYu Zha Ngiuk. I had this both for the first time and second time I visit the shop. I love the crispyness of it. Meat and the fat portion are just to perfection to me. But it might be too fat for those who are on diet. It need some skills to cook it so crispy even the fat, if the chef are Lau Yah chef, sure the fat portion will become jelly-alike hence it would be disgusting to eat such.

A bowl of soup that comes with any dishes with rice. This one is carrot with Dried Oyester + Pork. Very nice also but I think there's alot of Ajinamoto. Not sure, will find out on next visit.

On the top is Canto:Mui Choi Khau Yuk, Hakka:Moi Choi Kiu Ngiuk. And the bottom is Canto:Wu Tao Khau Yuk, Hakka:Wu Tiu Khiu Ngiuk. Both are traditional famous Hakka dish. Differences are, the one on top is Pork + Preserved Vege and the one at the bottom is Pork + Yam. Both are totally different in taste even they look the same. You got to pay RM16 for each to try out as I really dunno how to descride how tasty they are... Really really Zheng ah !!! ( also not for those on diet leng lui )

Note: Please don't ask me about the picture size, I also dunno why liddat. Maybe is the differny resolutions on my camera and my phone's camera.


  1. 国源 said...
    Wah...U can finish meh..sure become very fat lor after this!!
    Anonymous said...
    Make people hungry nia...
    rainbow angeles said...
    Ngai tou hai Hakka ngin... really nice arr? Nicer than the Hakka Restaurant in KL??
    AhTak said...
    Nevermind lah ~~~ Let's go basketball and keep fit !! hehehehe

    Aiyo, wait till you come back end of the year we can go makn together-gather ~ Yeah ~~~

    Not sure about the one in KL ler, never try before. where is the place ah ?

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