Latest Buying List

Well ... Time for some wishlist/To-Buy list ...

1. WD MyBook Essential.
Only complain I have for the new camera I just got is the filesize of the RAW files. Used to be merely 5MB per files for now 14MB per RAW. Simple calculation.

D70s :
5MB x 2500 = 12,500 = 12.5GB

D300 :
14MB X 2500 = 35,000 = 35GB

*roughly 2500 pictures per wedding, can be more sometimes*

I only shoot RAW for all the wedding jobs. Why ? Coz RAW have more flexibility on post- processing, which can be done in batch like, WB tuning, color toning, noise reduction. Mistakes are not avoidable and that's why I shoot in RAW, just in case any mistake done. All the RAW files will be organized in Folders and saved in HDD or DVD depends on how long the Wedding have pasted. 6 months will still be in HDD, coz I might need the files for website. After that will be in DVD, just in case I have clumsy client that might misplace the DVD or CD with ALL their sweet memories inside.

2. Lacie d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe.

After 6 months or so, the RAW files will be transfered to DVD. Organized by Folder and Names. But using my MBP's DVD burner is not a good choice, as if I spoiled the DVD ROM, that will RM899 just to replace the ROM, and it's alot slower than External Burner anyway. That's where Lacie join the Team. 20X Double Layer bla bla bla .... I just want to use it to burn DVD, with a bit faster speed than my MBP, and it definitely looks better than Low Yat self assemble type.

3. Nikkor AF-S VR 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED .

Tada ~~~ Mid range zoom lens that will be replacing the Tamron 70-300 that I've been using for years, and why ? Becoz the range is just nice for some candid shoots during wedding, walking around and snap from far. I always want to do that with Tamrom 70-300, but by the time it get in Focus, the 'target' dunno go where already, trust me, the focusing is THAT slow. also the constant f2.8 and VR will help alot while I am indoor or low light condition, or sometimes when Flash is not an option. Another Plus will be, Razor Sharp thru out the zoom range from 70mm ~ 200mm, should be nice for some Portraits as well.

4. Nikon D700.
This is the Mid Range Pro FX SLR that Nikon have just announced not too long ago. You may ask " Why ? Your D300 not good enuff ? ". But seriously guys, Kancil also good enuff for getting your from Point A to Point B, why want want a BWM ??
Read more about DX vs FX .
My reason/excuse for a D700 will be FX Bokeh, ISO performance, more accurate WB and it looks more PRO.

5. Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.4D IF .
This is the Oh-So-Famous portrait lens for Nikon users. Why ? Coz it's Razor Sharp and the bokeh for f1.4 @ 85mm is no joke, once you tired, I'm sure you'll dream about it everynight. Getting this only when I have the D700 coz 85mm is too long to use with D300, where it's 85 x 1.5 ( DX crop factor ) = 127mm, just too damm long for my shooting style. Well, got to wait abit then ~

List is too long and soooooo expensive ... I even scared myself by looking at it. It would be nice if your guys can help abit on my Buying list, not by giving me cash ofcoz, just recommend me to your friends that are getting Married soon and that's a really big help to me. You know where to find me if you have jobs for me right ? kekekek.


  1. sbanboy said...
    Yeah man can really get broke with all the lens and gadget !!!!

    Love the pictures u took of carcar :)
    AhTak said...
    No joke man .... roughly RM185,000 .... roughly 185 wedding Jobs ... Think only also Pengsan ...
    AhTak said...
    oopss .... 1 more '0' extra ... should be

    RM18,500 .. No so pengsan ... ha ha ha
    Anonymous said...
    I`ve just bought D700 and Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.4D IF, I`m soo happy lol

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