Let's see ... here will the Jobs Booked so far,

7~9 Nov : Mercedes Event in Sepang.
15 Nov : Joe's Wedding in Kampar.
7 Dec : Eric's Wedding in Singapore
20 Dec : Alvin's Wedding in Pahang

11 Jan : Xiao Min's Wedding in Singapore, but hasn't confirmed. :(
16 Jan : Anne's Wedding in KL.
XX Mar : Carmen's Brother's Wedding in KL

Thanks to everyone who have recommended me to their friend's, relatives, colleagues as Wedding Photographer and am so Glad that most of them do like my pictures. Just incase you all forgot or dunno yet, I DO Shoot for Wedding, at very reasonable pricing ~ Please let more of your friends or relatives or colleagues know about me ok ?

Pictures are updated in my site from time to time, job to job, will really appreciate all the recommendation.

Also ah, am thinking about giving out Personal Portraits Photography Services. What do you guys think ah ? About market, pricing, what should be in the package or stuff, coz I really no idea how to do it.


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