So lucky can get the pass for the show, infact it's the first time I join a 'By Invitation only' fashion show ... And thanks Vodka for the ' Gear Testing cum Poisoning '. A D2Xs and Nikkor 28-70 f28, a really superb combination.

All of the pictures are with minimal Post Processings ( Photoshop ), cause I want to see how good is the picture right out of the camera, and the picture quality if the camera is THAT good which makes me feel like throwing mine to the sea now ... :(

01. No Post Processing at all. Right out of the camera with AWB, which I will never do it with my D70s.

02. Used Aperture to removed the ' Too much Green ' light on the model's face. Picture still can see the green, and it's 100 times worse in actual lighting.

03. Curved to recover the Hi-light on the model's face. But still cannot save the Motion blur due to my lousy Tammy 70-300 with small aperture and slow focusing ...

04. Also removed the ' Too Much of Green' light on Zucca's face. Almost Out of the camera. ( Zucca hou leng ah ~~~ )

05. Point and Shoot with A mode at f5, langsung no PP.

Now got to save money for a new body liao. Sorry D70s, I dun love you anymore. HAHAHAHAHAH !!!


  1. 国源 said...
    vote for pic 1 n 5~~
    seefei said...
    the photographs look very good! with moving models how can you get them so sharp and clear? can tell lens & setting used or not?
    AhTak said...
    Thanks !!! All taken with D2Xs @ ISO 800, shutter around 1/200~1/250, f around f2.8~f4 ~. Have you got your D300 ?
    Anonymous said...
    wow.. i l0ve it. so when is d next klfw?

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