Always feels great with New Machine ....

The very last item on my 2008 wishlist, but got it as the first Toy in 2008.
Now I need another 2GB RAM, a Wireless Apple Mouse, a FireWire CF Card reader .... bla bla blo blo ....

Got it last Saturday the EpicStore or something i forgot the name in Pavillion, will dating with my gf and waiting for another friend of mine to meet up for a dinner double date. While walking walking in the Mac Shop, I ask if there's still stock for the Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz, the say yes, so I buy lah on the spot.

Then when the billing are done, the sales guy bring me and the new toy to their Service Counter, to open up the new toy and check if it's ok, in perfect condition.

When the so-call technical guy open up the new toy, it's LCD starts to flicker, which is something that's not suppose to happen on a new machine ...

AhTak: Dude, I think i want another unit other than this one..
SalesGuy: Sorry ah, must let our TECHNICAL check sin, if he say is faulty then only I can give you another unit.
AhTak: OOhh... ( I didnt say anything, coz my experiance as, I will get a new one )

Then the so-call technical guy starts to flip around the new toy, opening the RAM slot and move around the RAM, reseting the PRAM and still the machine dun want to start up nice. Ofcoz lah, it's the LCD or MotherBoard problem, you expect to fix that instant ? Even if he can fix it, you think any so hai want to pay for something that's got problem out of the box ? Luckily the guy did gave me another unit that's working perfectly out of the box.

So, if you want better service, at least not the mac store in Pavillion. Try IT PLanet in Ikano or Mac Studio LowYat.


  1. Anonymous said...
    always wanted one of apple's..maybe next month..:)
    AhTak said...
    Dun wait liao ~~ Fast fast buy, some new models came out his month mah ~ Buy buy buy ~~~ heheheh

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