Shame ....

Have you thought of why alot of Pro are using Mac rather than WIndows ? Putting the 'Cool Factor' aside.

This is what happened during the Opening Ceremony of Olympic 2008 Beijing, wrong System used ?

Micro$oft were part of the Opening Ceremony too, presenting " The Blue Screen of Dead ". Wah hahahah !!!!

Picture from the Internet

It would either be Olympic 2008 organizer is totally out of budget or, the Computer Operators are totally Idiot or, Windows is really that bad. I tried to Google " Olympic 2008 Official Computer" and " Computer used in Olympic 2008 ", no clue. Well I must say no Manufacturers will be stupid enough to stand up and tell the world that their computers are not reliable right ?

While Apple on the other side was not so keen of getting in-front of the cameras, and kept the show running at the back,

Picture from the Apple

Some say Mac are expensive, not user friendly ( coz they have been using Windows for the pass 10 years, ofcoz ), not hardware friendly, lack of software selections ... bla bla bla ... But at least Mac didn't become a joke of Olympic 2008.

Anyway. It's been a while I merely update my blog, so might as well lah.

A friend asked me some Questions on Mac as he just got his Mac and have been using it for about a week, newbie . He asked:

Q1. Why Safari can't do a Full Screen ?
A1: Can ofcoz. You can do it Manually. By dragging the small little triangle found on the bottom right of every Application Window found in a Mac. But, why ? You do that because you can ? You are used to it ? or ... just feel like doing it ?

Below are 2 pictures displaying the same website, with different Window Size. Image01 is the Website's Minimum Width, the Image 02 is Full Screen.



You can see that even if the Browser is in Full Screen, but the content is still the same size, you dun see more contents from the site and that also means that you are wasting your screen resolution. Noticed the 2 white areas beside the page content in Image02? that's wasting. This apply to some other application like Words, Exel, PowerPoint, or maybe MSN Messenger ...

There's not Right or Wrong ofcoz, you paid for your stuff and you can use them however you like.


I myself like the keep the Application Window showing the minimum size ( until the srcollbars merely go away ), and have lot's of software running together, why ? So I don't have to Launch - Shutdown software all day long, I am even too lazy to shutdown my Laptop, why waste time ? Close the lid and I am ready to go, reach the client's place, open up the lid and I am ready to present. Shut Down ? Turn On the Computer ? ehh..... what's that ? kakakakakak.

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