Niasing .... Please excuse me abit K, following in this entry will be lot's of swearing instead of nice girls pictures ...

Maxis BroadBand, seriously, what's your Big Plan Market Strategy by introducing some shitty products/services that we are paying with our hard earned money for some lousy service ? Why shit hole ??!?!? Hear me ...

11:48pm: AdiumX have connected me to MSN, which is very rare.
11:55pm: The whole computer was disconnected from the internet.
11:56pm: Carry out troubleshoot that those idiots will tell you to do, doesn't matter if it's first time calling or 50th times calling
11:57pm: Still no luck after reset the modem and also restarting it ...
12:20PM: Finally connected to the internet but AdiumX still fail, as usual.
12:21pm: Connect to MSN via and found out most of the people were gone sleeping ..

Good Job Maxis !

Want to Experience BroadBand that's slower than DialUp, that you will never be able to connect to internet and take 5mins to load ?!?!?!

Fast fast come Register at the nearest Maxis Center, we have Pro Sales Team that treat you like King also also After Sales Service that's piece of shit !!! Fast ! Before all the ShitHead took away all the Register Form ~

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