Having Fun Shooting

Sorry folks, lately have been busy and lack of updates here... Sianz, not that I lazy lah, but really tied up loh. Those have visit my Flickr site may know what I have been busy of ... kekekeke. Well, other that Shooting, what else ? hehehehe

Now let's see ... Few more pictures for Cheryl here.

Here are some for XiaoE, is shoot at the same beach, but different approach.

And did a shoot for basketball mate's GF. A MakeUp artist. So if you looking for someone to put powders properly on your face, let me know, I will help contact her.

After than is a shoot with the Lately-so-famous in Photokaki, Eve ...

and her friend May.

And pictures of both of them..

See ~ No cheat you guys one ~ Really been busy lah.

Coz Wedding Season will back on tract from September onwards, and lucky is that I already have some bookings from Sept onwards till Jan 2009. So I want to have a few more shoots taken before I get REALLY busy. Those who are interested in Portraits, please let me know, I still have a few more weekends to slot in for you. And Getting Married Couples, please dun hesitate to call me for price ~


  1. Anonymous said...
    Awesome pictures.. Ah Tak..!! you are getting better each time.. i see your work.. ! awesome..!
    Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...
    u went to the same location again ah...at the big long kang there ah?

    but i love ur pics man!
    very very SUI!
    AhTak said...
    mama bok:
    Wow ~ Thanks ! For being that few who like my work ~ Hope you will stay abit longer, see me getting better ~

    Thanks Dude ! Will be better after D700 and 85mm f1.4.... hehehehe
    Ah Eva Eva said...
    wow. seriously like the way u shoot :)
    it's nice. esp the very last picture, with the 2 beautiful lady.
    nice nice :)

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