Penang in a day.

Was in Penang during last weekend to company a friend to do some stuffs in ALor Star and proceed to Penang for some food and photography. What I can say is, TIME NOT ENUFF !!! Wish I can stay there for at least another 2~3 days ler. For both the food and photography.

Picture taken 730AM, before we stop at Tapah for a quick breakfast before continue driving to Alor Star. Some really lousy Nasi Lemak and Lousy Kopi panas. Should have go McD for breakfast....

Saw this cool dude right before we entry Penang Bridge. Seems like he really enjoys his ride and the scenery along the way. I also wanted to enjoy the view but too tired lah. I think I've been sleeping all the way from KL to Alor Star to Penang. After a TT till 430AM with the Photokaki dudes on Friday night... -_-'''

Yeah ~ The Penang Bridge @ 5:17PM !!! But nothing much lah. Maybe is the time we reach there not ngam lah. The Bridge doesn't seems very good looking to me. Maybe next time I will try to shoot it at night with all the lights on or in the morning, matching it with a clear blue sky.

These are when we have a drink beside Gurney Walk/Beack, forgot the name lah. Setting sun and fisherman netting. So the kampung feel and I like ~

The View outside from the Hotel we stayed. nice boh ?~ Actually if i move the camera abit to the right then can see Penang Hill.

Ngek Ngek, Makan Time !!! My friend brought me to a place ( forgot the name ) where are are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of food stalls, all looks very good and I wanted to order all of them but too bad my stomach can't fit lah, else ah...

Woke up late but luckily the wether is good ! Both for having a walk around town and photography also. Saw the clear blue sky ? Siok ! Pack all the gears and Penang here I come !!!

The one and only Original Tambun Biscuit, the rest are pirated.

Initially we want to get on top on Penang Hill and get some pictures, but too bad we got to wait for an hour for the next train, as we dun want to waste time waiting, we continue the trip to somewhere else. After taking a few pictures of the train ofcoz ...

The Penang Island view from Kek Lok Si Car park area. Fascinating isn't it ? If i have time ah, i think i can just stand there for hours, look at the scenery with a few Marlboro. Was a great place for photography as there are so many colors, lines, patterns, historical artifacts...... I did enjoyed myself and do want to go back for more.

Ended the trip with a really nice Mee Goreng Mamak somewhere Bangkok Street ? cant really recall the name lah... Delicious Mee Goreng and fun looking at the Neh showing his Wok-swinging skills ~ Cool !


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow! How did you manage to take the photo of Penang bridge from the center of the road?
    AhTak said...
    Am in the slow moving car ~ point and the Bridge when getting near a shoot away ~~~~
    Anonymous said...
    Very nice pictures.. AT..!
    Unknown said...
    hi there.

    im publishing a book on malaysia (the positive reviews) and would like to feature you and some of yr works.

    is that possible? :)

    if it's ok, pls email me


    ps: very nice blog & gr8 photographs :)
    Agnes Sim said...
    I like your photos so much!! A nice series of Penang! Great Shots!!

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