Was in the event lastd weekend with my GF and friends, that includes dog's owner, photographers, bloggers, dog's owner's boy friends ... etc etc. Great day. I was there also last year if you still can remember. SO this year I got smart, reached there early early to avoid the crowd and traffic jam and hot sun, but you know what, there are already so many dogs and their owners, I wonder what time they reached, 7am ??? After the morning Jog ??? ....

Almost scared the shit out of her when I drag her up there. HAHAHAHAH. Everyone was laughing at her ~ Poor Nepok, give you treast tonight lah ~ heheheh.

After that I go Hartamas to meet up with my friends, photographers, dog owners, new friends, friend's wife at Hartamas. A restourant selling Taiwaness Cuisine that allows Dogs, Sweet ~~~


  1. Anonymous said...
    Cute dogs.. :) malaysia has come a long way.. eh.. to allow dogs in the restaurant.. ! good for them.. :)
    AhTak said...
    mama bok:
    Good for us also loh .... at least we got place to makan and hang out when we bring our dogs out. No need bring them out jalan, bring them back home, go out makan, go home pick the dogs jalan again, then go home ......
    Anonymous said...
    Hi, nice shot of my baby. the two chihuahua that you take at K9 day.Can you send me a copy?

    Thank you

    AhTak said...
    Please check your mail ~ hope you like it ~

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