From MacWorld 2008 ....

There are a few updates/announcement made during the 3 days MacWorld 2008. Too bad I no budget or people to sponsor me, else I will be able to bring back nice nice pictures ... anyway...

1. MacBook Air:

Please scream if you think your Vaio or Fujitsu are thin, this is even thinner lighter ....

1. At less than 2CM, merely the thickness of your Laptop's LCD ?
2. At 1.36KG only. Half the weight of my PowerBook.. damm ...
3. LED backlit LCD Display for thinner LCD and better Batt Life.
4. Backlit Keyboard, just like what my PowerBook have, or maybe looks nice.
5. 5 Hours battery life with WiFi on, heard that Bloggers ?

But too bad there are a few ( to me is alot ) things missing from this piece which are the:
1. Optical Drive ( can get optional external ),
2. No RJ45 ( LAN network connection, can use external )
3. Only 1 USB, plan well you want to use it for External Optical Drive or Card Reader.
4. Maybe too thin and will break when Nepok steps on it ...

Get ready USD1799 and pre-order from if you likes it.


  1. 国源 said...
    when u buy? hehehe..
    Anonymous said...
    I read about this too.. AT.. :) love it.. but wondering .. if i can get used to a mac or not leh.. :(
    AhTak said...
    NO loh .... the machine too slow for me, i want MacBook Pro ... ngek ngek ngek

    mama bok:
    Dun wory, getting used to a Mac will be in No Time ~

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