Half a day in Malacca

Yo ! Thanks for still being here ! Just came back from a damm tiring weekend and finally got the time to edit and write a post.

Actually there was a wedding shoot for my gf's brother ( which I will post that soon ) during Hari Raya and can only make it to Malacca on Sunday, and return to KL on the same day, at night right after dinner. So it was Friday to Tangkak, stay till Sunday morning and go Malacca and meet the guys, then return to KL around 8PM. All I can say about Malacca were the food !

When I reached there it's time for Lunch already, out of my surprised we were having something else rather than the oh-so-famous Chicken Rice ball ...

After makan then ofcoz the walk around the town. HHmm ... I think i'm abit disappointed by not seeing what I've expect like very old street, very old shops, very old buildings, very old people, very old Malacca. But I didnt, infact I think Malacca are very modern even compare to some place in Selangor or Sabah.

At least their road system and decoration along the road are much more canggih, no ? And I think that's why i felt disappointed by not seeing what I've expected.

My Fav picture from the trip !~ Nice mou ?~

Well, at least Near to what I expect ~


  1. Cocka Doodle said...
    Nice shots!
    may said...
    I dun care about the chicken rice balls -- cocka can have them... kakakaka! I want that curry laksa instead! aiyo, mouth watering so early in the morning :(

    and the "kek" picture dem nice!
    AhTak said...
    Cocka Doodle:
    Thanks ~!

    This for you ~

    The Curry Laksa is the Best ah !!!! Must try if go Malaka ! MUST MUST ! Forget about the Chicken Ball Rice, the Gula Malaka, the Cendol ! Go for Laksa !!!
    Silent Reader said...
    I alway popped in to see yr photographs and I enjoyed looking at them. What I like to know is, do you cropped and photoshopped all yr photos before posting them?

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