Bakuc 2007

BAKUC 2007 is here ! The biggest Gundam Event in Malaysia. Collections of Masterpieces from master around Malaysia are displayed in Sungai Wang for 5 days. I was there on Wednesday with my camera but forgot to bring batt, damm, so got to return there again last night to retake the pictures. Last day will be on this Sunday, be hurry before you missed the Masterpieces ~

Wonk from Eric Yap champion dunno for how many times liao. My guess is this year he'll get it again. Great paint job, details adding and pose.

Char and his custom Zaku II, damm yao yeng right ?

Gundam Strike Freedom. Is the same one I bought last month but it's RM50 cheaper during Bakuc, should have waited if I knew. Wonder if I can get the same quality paint job on mine. Jealous man ....

Custom color MK II Titans. Dun really like the color ler, very Ah Beng color don't you think? If put some blink-blink light at the eye and bottom of the feet, some Tet-No music in the cockpit, then will be the Gundam Custom AhBeng Blink-Blink Tet-No.

Here I come the flying Zaku ~ Yeah ~ The Universe is mine ! MINE ! MINE !!! First I want to redo the paint work when I reach The Earth. Dunno Mr Brown free or not.

BadAss Zaku. I think I like the Zaku more and more ler. Feel more solid than the Gundams. Just too bad they fall on the wrong side ( Zeon ) . Amazed by the Paint Job and Weathering done on this kit, and the Diroama is totally amazing.

So how? When are you buying your Gundam kit?


  1. 国源 said... fast update liao!! like pic number 2!!
    wizard of the hood said...
    what type of gundam is that in the first pic and who makes em?
    are-yie said...
    i've got the zaku model like the red one shown but i get it straight from my cousin at cheap...scale 1/100..but now i search for zeong model....its like so cruel n i like it....nice!!
    Anonymous said...
    Flying Zaku? No, its marine Zaku; underwater.

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