"Boss, can go home ah ? I tired already ler ~ And I hate those Leng Zhai smell my butt !"

Was in 1U Central Park yesterday. But story come on tomolo, today I sick liao. Need take MC and go home rest.


  1. may said...
    I LUP this doggie! looks like my brother's beagle, except he won't be so "kwai" and pose for you like that lah... hehe!
    rainbow angeles said...
    Hmmm... i think maciam i got see this dog there... i know why u din see us and we din see u... cos we all busy seeing the doggies laa! :p

    We were there from 10 to abt 12+...
    AhTak said...
    You brother's a male ? hehehe .... wanna get mine a BF soon .... I guess she was already tired while I take the picture for her ler ~ Normally ..HUH !!! Run here and there non stop !

    Yaler ~~ Yaler ~~~ Dogs everywhere !!! Cant put my eyes away from the dogs ~ but too bad I'm too busy and no time to take pictures ... :(

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