FireWorks. Beautiful, and it sure reminds me alot of things passed me by. Most of them were good, but I can only remember those which is Bad.

Mei Mei, do you remeber we used to watch FireWorks together? First time is when In the first New Year we celebrate, and was In your house. Supposingly we are to watch FireWorks in town for better view, but then .... i stomach ache and have to rush back, I still can remember the dissapointment on your face. So sorry have to spoil the mood.
Then as I remember the last time we watch fireworks together is before you come to KL before me. With Ah Pang... Then I look so stupid in those clown hat.

What about New Year 2004/2005 ? Sorry viewers, we break up in New Year.
Was in my room, were on a fight, she actually wanted to break up with me long ago, yet she tried to not. Tomorrow is her birthday, Happy Birthday Mei Mei.

These fireworks are taken on 23/07/05 at the Launching of Malaysia Sales Carnival.
I was alone, wondering around to take some pictures of the celebs, and fireworks. The crowd are mad about the artist who were performing on stage. All of them are equiped withe digital cameras, phones with camera functions, those without all these hi-tech stuff would try to copy every image they saw and stamp in thier brains.

Suddently i felt the loneliness pouring out from myself. It's been a while that I thought was "OK" after break-up with her. Well, i am bloody hell sure that I am not "OK"....

Hey, get thru it, get a life, get real, get some girls !!!

PS: FYI, there is actually no much girls in my social circle. Even if i do ...... well, you know what would happen if you know who is AhTAk


  1. Anonymous said...
    Cheer up MR.Tak, everything come and go all the time, just see what is the reasons, sometimes we even can die without any reason, Relationshop for the social life still on, meeting every differrent customer everyday, go out meet new friends, no lonelines all the time man, feel really not "OK", let go out drink drink drink ... get fat together !!
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Dear Malai Tak,

    Well~ still remember that D time i received ur sms while i was still in a dream. u suddently send me "10Q bro". at that time it really shocked me. i said wat wrong with u man~ then u tell me u brack with mei mei. at that time really donno wat can said. even until now u still never told me the reason. but nvm~ i will "pod" u man~ take good care.

    P.S. Humand will always remember the bad things more then good things. but nvm~ just think on D positive way then should be ok.

    From Pang
    Anonymous said...

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