The Fishermans

The Fishermans
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Was taken few months back when i went back LD for Chinese Year ... (That's long long long ago la !). On the way from Ld to Tawau, half the members of the Wong family decided to have lunch in Semporna.And we did.

So when i finish and the rest were still eating, i walk around with my camera hoping for some 'nice ones'. And till i saw this these men on the boat. I am wondering what kind of work were they dealing with actually. Under the hot sun, you have no idea hot the Sun was. And the working hours, the enviorment. My God, i don't think i can last for 1 day, serious. So i quickly frame it out.Cik Ciak~. Done.

And i come back KL and start re-touching my pictures i found this. What a great difference. In 24hours air-coned office. Ikea chair, Starbucks, Powerbook somemore. I dun think they can even affort a washing machine. And still want to complain this lah, that lah...

Look people, if you still want to complain your life or work. Complain them to these fishermans, they will show you what is WORK !

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