Miss Amber Chia....

Miss Amber Chia....
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Hi Amber, if you can see this. Really proud of you girl ! As, I am also a Sabahan ! Considering living in Tawau now, born in Lahad Datu.

Yesterday was in 1Utama taking pictures of models doing catwalks for some fashion shows. Look at you, are really different from other girls that's the the state (despite Chui Leng, She is cute too). Emm.. You eyes are even brighter that those Flash Guns.

This picture is what I can to contribe something as a support and wish you all best! Cool, Amber Chia !


  1. c a r c a r said...
    yes, i like her and so proud of her too.

    she is just so unique in her own way.
    AhTak said...
    still looking for a chance to get a nice picture of her, then print out big big and give hern then tell her.. " We are so proud of you.... "

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