Jazz Music, anyone ?

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Starting from this friday, that will be the Annual Jazz Festival held in Mon't Kiara... I always wanted to go but have missed it last year and last last year. And this year I've got my own transport, maybe some free time, I dun want to miss ler ~

Preparing the performing stage.

Schedule would be, every Friday and Saturday night, 9.00PM to ~11.30PM for the first session and 11.00PM to 12.30AM for the second session... and the performing artist:

17 August: first session:Farid ali & Roger Wang second sesseion: Zainal Abidin
18 August: first session:Shannon Shah & The Cintas second sesseion:Funk Mob

24 August: first session:Arthur Kam & Vitalque second sesseion:Sheila Majid
25 August: first session:Sharizan & Swing Inc second sesseion:Aseana Percussion Unit

31 August: first session:Gyro second sesseion:Saharadja
1 September: first session:Asiabeat second sesseion:Saharadja

I will be going for the Roger Wang and Sheila Majid's session, but if the Gyro on the last night is this Spyro Gyro, I will go. Anyone going also then let me know lah, so can chit chat if the songs are sianz ..


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hey how much do you pay your dog for appearing on your blog banner? Nice one!
    AhTak said...
    1 whole bowl of 'Lamb and Rice' dog food ... heheheh

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