Speacial From Starbucks !

Speacial From Starbucks !
Originally uploaded by ahtak.
One of the reason I love that place.... People are nice ....Coffe are great ....Em...FREE WireLess ...

Nice place to hang out...But most of the time i will need to "Ta Pao", since the place that I am working dont allows me to stay out too long.

Speacial thanks to Sha Sha, love your butterfly~


  1. SweetDevil said...
    I love starbucks too, if you want to relax, dot want to think so much, chit chat with friends, coffee shop is the best places, i like Genting and Ikano Starbucks, the atmosphere very relaxing.

    People are nice, one drink you can get for 4 or 5 stamp~ wonderful!!
    c a r c a r said...
    arh, i love this!
    AhTak said...
    The girl no longer work in Starbucks lu .... : ( ... no more Butterfly Latte for you ~ : (
    Anonymous said...
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