Life In KL

Life In KL
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I am From LD, Sabah.Have been living in KL for about a year.KL.... Alot of stuffs to look at, great shopping place,lonely town,not much of "care" around town,not easy to look for friends,always in a rush, no time for fun,no time for friends,no time for food,no time to love....... I miss Sabah

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  1. SweetDevil said...
    KL is a very happening town, traffic jam very bad when working hour, you can feel the paint and hot, sometimes even at night time you also can feel the rushing of each other, too much shopping complex, cinema, club, and very good nightlife. SO many places for you to hanging around with friends, for fun, friend, food or love you can enjoy very well but not for the lonely town. ChillOut ... ...

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